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Thursday, October 20, 2011

AMD invests in BlueStacks to bring Android apps to Windows tablets

Android and Windows users had something to cheer about last week when start-up BlueStacks released the first version of their Android emulation software, which makes running and syncing Android apps on Windows easy. Now hardware giant AMD and virtualization software maker Citrix are investing 5.6 million dollars into the small company, hoping to spur development and expand x86 hardware’s capabilities to include the wide range of Android apps. BlueStacks says that they’ll use the cash to quickly bring feature-complete versions of its Player software to desktop computers.

The potential for BlueStack is promising to say the least. Windows doesn’t have a lot of touch-optimized software at the moment, and with the tablet-friendly Windows 8 on the horizon, that’s a definite handicap. Opening up Windows and other desktop operating systems to hundreds of thousands of Android apps can only help, and considering that x86 tablets tend to be 2-3 times the price of current Android slates, it wouldn’t pose a threat to Honeycomb or upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich tablets. Not only does BlueStacks run Android software on Windows, it can also sync apps with users’ phones, though this early in the development cycle the selection and support is rudimentary at best. The Pro version, which will run paid Android apps, is expected before the end of the year.

AMD could use whatever help it can find at this point. The company has been trailing behind Intel in the processor market for years, and while its Fusion low-power netbook chips have been well-received, they’re still not making a significant dent in the desktop market. Both AMD and Intel are having trouble finding traction in the tablet market, with ARM processors being the internals of choice at the moment. Citrix, a professional virtualization company that already supports the iPad and Android tablets, is also investing in BlueStacks.
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Google Releases Gmail App Security Update Version

Back at the end of July Google updated its Gmail application for Android bringing a ton of new features to the table (like Priority Mail or custom ringtones). While nothing major like the previous one, Mountain View updated the application again but this time it's for security reasons instead of features.

A new Gmail app is available in the Android Market and you should have gotten the notification by now. If not, just follow the source link or consult the Android Market app on your phone. We're talking about Gmail version in relation to which the changelog only states "security update". We're all sensitive to security so you might want to get the latest version as soon as possible!
Source: Android Market

Sunday, October 2, 2011

List of top 10 Android Apps for Small Business

I hаvе tо аdmіt, I'd addicted tо mу сell рhonе. I dереnd оn іt fоr a numbеr оf buѕіnеѕs аnd рerѕоnаl thingѕ ѕuсh аѕ: mаkіng рhоne callѕ, ассeѕѕіng my еmаіl, wrіting emailѕ, kеeріng track of aрроіntmentѕ, using іt аs аn alаrm clоck-and mоѕt importаntlу for plaуing "Angrу Birdѕ". (just kіdding)

I'vе hаd mу HTC Inсrеdiblе Andrоіd Basеd OS Phоne for аbоut а yeаr now, and I totallу hеаrt іt. There's juѕt ѕо much thаt уоu саn do wіth it аnd a tоn оf аррlісatіоnѕ thаt can bе dоwnlоaded frоm thе Andrоid market thаt саn bе uѕеd for businеѕs rеlated tаѕkѕ.

One of my реrѕоnal fаvоrіtе apрs that I uѕe оn my рhоne tо соnneсt tо thе іnternеt from mу laрtoр PC іѕ PDANet bу Junе Fаbriсѕ. This nеаt lіttlе tооl allоws you tо ѕurf thе Intеrnet -vіа your andrоіd phоnе (Nо, I'm not kіdding). Bеѕt оf аll, уоu оnlу hаvе tо рaу а оne-tіmе fее tо uѕe thе prоgram. Simply dоwnload the аpplісаtіоn tо уоur Andrоid phоne and instаll іt ontо уоur рс, рlug іn your USB саblе (one end frоm thе phоne thе оthеr tо your PC) and Vоі're cоnnectеd tо thе Intеrnеt. PDANеt is реrfect fоr thе trаvеlіng buѕіnеsѕ реrѕon-or whoevеr nеeds tо havе aссеsѕ tо thе internet when there іѕ no соnnесtiоn аvaіlаblе.

#10. Weаtherbug - Staу uр to date with thе latеѕt weаthеr соndіtіоnѕ lоcаlly оr whеrеvеr yоu are plаnnіng tо trаvel to for buѕinеѕs

#9. WоrdPreѕѕ - Keеp yоur blog оr Websіtе uрdаted wіth thіѕ niftу toоl

#8. Expenѕer - Can be used tо ѕtаy оn toр of your busіnеsѕ еxреnѕeѕ аnd budgеt
#7. Fіnd My CаrTrоuble fіnding уоur саr aftеr рarkіng аt a biz cоnferenсe? Thiѕ арp wіll hеlр уоu fіnd уоur waу

#6. Tweеtdесk - Intеgrаte аll оf уour ѕосіаl netwоrking mеdіа usіng thіѕ Aрp; Post ѕtatus updаteѕ аnd оther infоrmatіоn usіng а singlе dаѕhboаrd

#5. Skyре Mobіlе - Stаy іn tоuсh wіth friеndѕ, buѕіneѕѕ соllеaguеѕ, еmploуееs аnd оtherѕ wіth thіѕ mоbіle vidеo and vоicе арр

#4. Drор Box - Grеat aрр fоr еdіting, ѕhаring or vіеwіng buѕineѕѕ dоcumеntѕ аnd оthеr fіlеs аnуwhеrе аnd anуtіme уоu nеed thеm

#3. Gооglе Maps Nаvіgatіon - Hаvе an aрpоіntment ѕсhеduled wіth а сlіеnt аnd nеed dіrеctіonѕ? Google Mарs to the rеsсue.... Goоglе Mаps Nаvigаtіon іѕ аn intеrnеt-conneсtеd GPS navigаtion ѕуѕtem with voiсe guіdance, turn bу turn directіоnѕ and mоrе. Whаt'ѕ еvеn mоre awеѕomе abоut thiѕ аррliсatiоn іs thаt аftеr уou arrіvе аt your dеѕtіnatіоn it will bе shown in Gооglе Street View.

#2. Gоogle Voіcе - Pеrfесt Aрр for buѕіnеѕs оwnеrѕ wаnting tо keep trасk оf phоnе сalls effісіеntly and wіth thе usе оf onе numbеr..inѕteаd of multiplе рhоnеs

#1. PDANеt - I cаnnоt bеgіn tо tеll you hоw usеful PDANеt іs...еsресіаlly fоr а ѕmall buѕіnеss usеr оn thе gо. The PdаNet Android Tеthеrіng apр iѕ Awеsоmе! With thiѕ арр you саn tаkе аdvаntаgе of 3G or Wifі Internеt сonnесtіon ѕреedѕ tо power your PC.

About the Author : Rohitesh Naik, a Freelance writer and a Internet Marketer who presently writes about the Upcoming Verizon Phones. It includes all the the news and updates about New Verizon Phones.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Google Readying Pulse Competitor feed reader app

One of the most obvious and easily made excellent functions of a tablet computer is its ability to act as a news reader. What groups like News360 and Feedly and Pulse have discovered is that it’s quite the lucrative and easily accessible market indeed. And you know what happens when there’s a market that’s available for access, right? Google comes in and smashes everyone else with their Thor hammer! Or I suppose that’s what they’ll be hoping to do with what’s likely to be called “Google Propeller.”

What Propeller is set to do is take on all competitors and also take a jab as Facebook’s recent news additions. This app will be set to be released on both Android and iOS (specifically on Honeycomb and iPad, so tablet-based right out of the box), and is one of SEVERAL new powerful apps Google is said to have coming down the pipe for mobile. Will it be compatible with Google Reader? We’re thinking yes, even though Google Reader v1.0.1 is already out there on the market. This news comes from Robert Scoble straight off his G+ feed where he also says:
My source says that the versions he’s seen so far are mind-blowing good.
This news comes soon after Google earlier this month killed off their Flip Fast news reading system alongside several other lesser-used apps. This Flip Fast app was, for those of you that never used it, a screenshot sort of app that collected images of news sites that you were then able to flip through at a later date. Concepts within this app are said by google to “live on in our other display and delivery tools.”
Does it look to you like this may be an app you’ll be tapping at in the future? We’re certainly going to give it a shot if it ever materializes.
[via SlashGear]

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Must-Have Android Apps discounted at the Amazon Appstore

I just came across this cool promotion called “Geek Week” that the Amazon Appstore is running this week on some really cool Android apps. While these apps may not appeal to everyone, we suggest that you take a look at them and and know what they’re all about.
Check out the full list of the apps included in this promotion:
If you don’t have any of these apps yet, we recommend that you’d jump on EasyTether which doesn’t require that you have a rooted device to tether. Some other notable and must have apps are Root Explorer and SetCPU. Enjoy!
Link to Geek Week Promotion

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Android apps continue to gain popularity, catching up to Apple

There are plenty of smartphone users that will stick with what they like and there are some that want the most apps available.  For the latter, it might start to get a bit difficult to choose since Android apps are closing the gap with Apple apps.  App downloads are powering towards 5 billion by the end of 2011.  In the Asia-Pacific region, Android apps are set to take over Apple apps for the first time.  With increasing smartphone usage in the region and more smartphone users getting familiar with Android OS, the numbers are set to shoot through the roof.  This year, the region can expect to see an increase of 189 percent on the number of app downloads.
Experts expect mobile app downloads to reach the 14 billion mark over the next 5 years.  In this region, the research showed that revenues could climb to as much as $870+ million compared to only $300+ million last year, with those numbers climbing each year as more smartphones become available to the area.  Downloads from all app stores around the world is increasing as the demand for smartphones rises in areas of the world that were not able to get access to the phones over recent years.

Apps that add features to phones and allow users to complete tasks on the go are the most popular type of app.  Apple saw about 15 billion app downloads and the iTunes App Store is showing about 425,000 apps at this time.  Even though Android only listed about 1.8 billion apps download this year, it is actually about higher than Apple’s 1.5 billion.  That is a major increase from last year when the region saw 244 million Android apps downloaded compared to Apple’s 424 million apps over the same time period.

Android is set to take over Apple in more ways than one, but for now it is just in the app marketplace.  As Android devices gain in popularity and lower prices to lure more customers, the downloaded app numbers will continue to increase over the years.  The Asia-Pacific market is large and some say that Android could hit the 6 billion download mark by 2016 and that would be double what experts say Apple apps will be by the same year.  The Apple iPhone is still the most popular smartphone and has the highest in paid app revenue, which is set to climb to $800 million by 2016.

Monday, September 12, 2011

[App] 9s-Weather HD Free:Have 9-Weather HD Free & Have a Nice Day!

Product Name: 9s-Weather HD Free
Category: Weather
OS: Android 3.0 (Android 2.3 and above)
Price: Free

9s-Weather HD, a gorgeous weather forecast application specially designed for tablets and supporting Android 3.0, is the best choice to acquire weather information and decorate your home screen simultaneously. In addition to providing accurate, real-time, and useful weather information, 9s-Weather HD gets rid of the stereotype of traditional weather forecast app UI design, and displays a unique exquisite UI and fancy graphical animations to enrich your daily weather. Now, let 9s-Weather HD present the beauty of Nature and bring you to the ravishing “secret garden” to get some refreshments and to release annoying pressures.

*To equip a useful & fancy weather application for your phone also, please go searching”9s-Weather”!

Key Features
1. Support Android 3.0
2. Optimized design for tablets in 1280 x 800 and 1024 x 600
3. Portrait and landscape modes supported
4. English & Chinese supported
5. Various sizes of widgets supported
6. Digital clock, alarm,& date supported
7. Handy link to detailed weather forecast
8. Animated movement & fancy design
9. Current global weather information
10. Automatic & manual update supported
11. 3-day weather forecast
12. C/F supported
13. The most reliable weather database
14. Intuitive & Use-friendly UI
15. Useful & fancy weather application


QR Code:

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Featured App Of The Day: Gurk, the 8-bit RPG

With all these high-end, octo-core phones being released with some of the most cutting edge and powerful GPU’s capable of advanced 3D graphics — this game wont require any of that. In fact, Gurk, the 8-bit RPG is merely a 100KB download of the most purest, old-school RPG fun.

Alright — I know most of you took one look at those screen shots and immediately ran for the hills. I did too. In fact, I laughed. But don’t let these cheesy 8-bit visuals fool you. Underneath this games pixeled exterior is a surprisingly deep and well thought out RPG. With over 24 dungeon levels, 44 different items and 23 unique monsters — seriously, you’re just going to have to try it for yourself.
After giving the game a chance, I couldn’t believe I was actually having fun with it. It may not look amazingt, but it’s definitely worth a look. You can find Gurk, the 8-bit RPG for free in the Android Market right now.
[Market Link]

Monday, September 5, 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to get Android app

Before you get all excited about MW3 coming to Android devices, I need to tell you that the app is not a smartphone version of the game. That means you can’t play MW3 on the go. The app is designed to allow you to customize your load out while on the go so your character will be ready to fight when you get back to the full game. The load out customization has just about all the things you can customize in the game.

That means you can customize your weapons, perks, and kill streaks. The app will be a free download and will be free to use. If you subscribe to Call of Duty Elite, you will get more features than those that just download the free app. Considering what a new game goes for today all the features should be free in my opinion.
The app should support all the platforms so you can use it for the PS3, Xbox, and PC platform the game supports. The app will be offered on both the iPhone and Android devices. I can’t wait for the game to come out, but I am not sure about the app. What do you think, is this a useful app or not?
[via TechnoBuffalo]

Friday, September 2, 2011

Imo instant messaging app for Android gets update

The geeks behind the multi-chat service app imo have announced a new update for the app that is now available to download. The update adds some interesting new features to the app. If you aren’t familiar with imo for Android the app allows you to take all those IM apps that you use to chat with people and combines them into one place. The app supports Skype, GTalk, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, Jabber,, Hyves, Myspace, Facebook, Google Talk, and Jabber.

The new update brings some interesting features with a new easier to use UI. The chat history is now viewable and searchable from inside the app. You can also have chat groups set up. The chat groups will work with people on different devices included from the web, Android phones, the iPad, and Blackberry devices.
The group chats also allow for photo sharing and a bunch of bugs are fixed as well in this update. The update landed yesterday and is up for download right now. The current versions is 2.2.7 and you need a device running Android 1.6 or higher.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Firefox for Android Tablets Unveiled

One of the most popular browsers by Mozilla is coming to Android Tablets. We already have Firefox for Android but it currently only officially supports phones. Today on the Mozilla blog they’ve announced what I’ve heard a few times being called “fennecomb”. This is Firefox for Android honeycomb tablets folks.

Firefox for tablets is an evolution of its phone based predecessor, with some added UI enhancements and changes that will take full advantage of the larger screens added real estate. With awesome tabbed browsing features that work great in both portrait, or landscape mode this will truly be a great browser for mobile devices. Themed nicely along with Android 3.0 Honeycomb it has the same drop down menu’s up top for easy access to configure settings and change themes.

Shown in the photo above in portrait mode multiple tabs no longer take up that precious space on the top of the browser, instead the tabs are singled into one group and accessed via a drop down menu. When in landscape mode they are nicely available on the left side and you can even scroll through multiple tabs. I’m really liking what I’ve seen thus far but sadly we have no official release date or beta at the moment. This is more of a tease for now. Adding features from both the mobile version and the web based experience into one truly optimized for tablets browser this should be exciting when we get more details.
Mozilla also kept the “awesome bar” for quick access to everything. Mozilla is only showcasing the new browser today we don’t have a beta for you to download at the moment but will be sure to report back and get some hands-on time as soon as possible. More details below.
[via Mozilla Blog]

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Epson expands iPrint app to cover Android smartphones and tablets

Epson has been in the printer market for a very long time. Over the last few years, the company has been rolling out print services to allow the smartphone user to get documents off their mobile phones and onto the printer rather than having things stuck on the phone. To start with, Epson offered print services for iOS devices leaving Android out in the cold.

Epson has now announced that it has expanded its iPrint services to cover Android smartphones with a new app that is on the Android Market. The app allows printing from the Android device to any Epson wireless enabled printer. Support for online services like, Dropbox, and Evernote is also integrated. The app also supports printing from Android tablets and allows document printing and photo printing.
The app also offers the ability to check printer status and ink levels along with the ability to print a webpage. Advanced features allow the user to choose and print multiple photos, print photos with or without borders, and to choose color or B&W prints. The scanning resolution for images can be chosen and the app allows the print quality to be optimized. The app needs a device using Android 2.1 or higher.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dell Makes It Even Easier To Hand Over Your Hard Earned Cash With Its New Mobile App

Have you ever been out-and-about and suddenly realized that you needed to order a computer from Dell? Well, you'll never have to deal with the panic that can ensue from such a situation ever again -- now you can just grab your Android phone, fire up the official Dell app, and order away!
ss-480-3-0 ss-480-4-0
You can basically order anything Dell related from the app; everything from TVs to laptops, cameras, printers, and monitors, all on the go. The app also allows you to compare up to three items side-by-side, read product reviews and ratings, track your order status, manage your account, and contact a Dell rep through email or by phone. The app also gives you direct access to support forums, videos, and FAQs, which could come in handy if you only have one computer and it's having problems.
Dell Mobile

Download Dell Mobile from the Android Market
Download Dell Mobile from AppBrain
QR code for market://details?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Google+ Android App Updated: Improves Notifications, Reshare, Adds 38 languages

Google has just pushed out yet another update for the popular Google+ Android application with some much needed improvements. The list is quite large and a good start indeed but the last update aimed to fix notifications but those are still a bit buggy for me. One of the biggest improvements I see right away is the +mentions now autofill from your Circles. Something that worked great online but was not as easy on the mobile application.

They claimed to have added stability and improvements to the notification system so hopefully that works better than before, support for over 38 new languages for the Android app have also been integrated. The biggest improvement in my opinion is that we now can do +mentions that populate from your circles. On the mobile app they had to be in your Google contacts until now, that one one of my biggest concerns.
Here is the full changelog:
-Improved notifications reliability
-”_add to circle” notifications shown in bulk
-Share stream posts to individual people
-Clicking a +mention takes you to the person’s profile
-+mentions now autofill from your Circles
-Stream no longer resets to top when screen is rotated
-Nearby accuracy
-Start a 1:1 huddle from a person’s profile or a group huddle from a circle profile
-Hide 1:1 huddles
-Clickable links in huddles
-Improved autocomplete when adding a person to a huddle
The Google+ Android App update should be live on handsets right now, and is also available in the market by clicking here. Get that update and start sharing and +1′n with all your friends and circles.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Qik Premium Goes Live in the Android Market

As of today, Qik’s premium video streaming service is now available to all Android users. Qik Premium picks up on the free versions live video chat services and adds in features including the ability to download and save video, desktop sync via Qik Desktop, HD and 3D video, the ability to send and receive video mail, and a priority customer support channel.
But all of these great features will cost you. After an initial 30 day free period Qik Premium’s services will cost you $4.99 per month. You can find the updated app in the Android Market now.
Android Market Link: Qik

Google Docs Updated, Adds 46 new languages and image attachments

It looks like everyone’s favorite documents application for Android we all know as Google Docs received a little update today. It’s all about that cloud-based web functionality here. The main feature in the update today is the ability to quickly and easily upload photos to Google Docs and the web clipboard. This is a great feature for mobile users and something we can use on-the-go with ease.

Now from in the app or conveniently on the Android widget users can select the camera and directly take a photo with their smartphone. Once the photo has been snapped you have three options. Upload files without conversion, Convert file to Google Docs format, and Send to Web Clipboard. Now from either your mobile device, or anywhere else you are using Google Docs you can quickly access the cloud-based web clipboard used by Google Docs to get access to those photos or documents you’ve uploaded. Neat huh?

Google’s team has also made opening and sending easier and now has more options. You can now open documents with any compatible viewer application or send a doc as an attachment through email or another compatible apps on your phone. They’ve also been nice enough to add support for an additional 46 new languages with this latest update. If you’ve been waiting for your language to have support most likely today’s update brought on goods you need to get to work.
For more details and pictures head over to the Google Docs Blog.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ESPN Fantasy Football Hits The Market Just In Time For Football Season

A couple of weeks ago, the official NFL Fantasy Football app landed in the Android Market, much to the delight of football fans across the nation. Today, ESPN has released its official Fantasy Football app, allowing you to manage your team on-the-go. The app offers full team management for multiple teams and leagues, lets you add, drop, and trade players; real-time stats and scoring, push notifications for injuries, substitutions, and scoring updates; as well as fantasy news and access to your team's message board.
ss-480-1-0 ss-480-2-0
The app is free for all, so hit the widget below to grab it.
ESPN Fantasy Football 2011

Download ESPN Fantasy Football 2011 from the Android Market
Download ESPN Fantasy Football 2011 from AppBrain
QR code for market://details?id=com.espn.espnfantasyfootball

Swype Beta 3.25 Now Available with Copy/Paste Features and more [Video]

Today the latest version of the popular Swype keyboard for Android has been released to beta testers. While many have probably seen or heard about it already I’ll be posting the videos below for you all to see the new features in action. The update is available right now over at the Swype’s beta webpage and so far I’m actually really liking the copy and paste features as well as gestures.

Many phones already have some version of copy and paste features built in, especially HTC Sense UI phones but the new system in which Swype has done it makes things even easier. No longer to you have to remove your finger from the keyboard and tap copy, then hold down and wait for the pop-up and hit paste. It’s all quick and easy using sliding gestures right on the keyboard. I actually am really enjoying this so far. Here are a few of the main new features:
Quick Editing – Access cut, copy, paste, and select-all functions in a flash!
Cut – Swype from the Swype key to the X key
Copy – Swype from the Swype key to the C key
Paste – Swype from the Swype key to the V key
Select-All – Swype from the Swype key to the A key

– Highlight any text, anywhere, then send it directly to an application with a quick gesture. Currently supported apps are Twitter, Google Maps, and Facebook
Twitter – Swype from the Swype key to T-W to create a new tweet using the highlighted text
Google Maps – Swype from the Swype key to G-M to search Google Maps for the highlighted text
Facebook – Swype from the Swype key to F-B to create a new wall post on Facebook using the highlighted text
It may sound difficult but it’s actually extremely easy and here is a video to show you what I mean. I’ve tried this myself and it really is just as simple as the video makes it out to be.

It really is that simple, smooth, and easy. My favorite feature is actually being able to quickly copy an entire line of text, then with a simple Swype gesture head directly into Google Maps and search for it. No more misspelling addresses or zip codes or anything. Copy a few lines, instantly go into Twitter using the Skype Key + TW gesture opens Twitter but sadly that is currently the only option. Hopefully we will be able to choose the default client Swype opens for people like me that use TweetDeck rather than the default Twitter client. Same thing works for Facebook as well.
While this isn’t anything groundbreaking the amount of ease this actually brings to the table for a few of those simple daily text input and output moments really is a nice touch. Swype and their team have also updated the personal dictionary management as well as introduced something called Swype Connect. With Swype Connect the installation validation just got easier as it collects Swype-specific data and ensures the integrity and validity of the installation. This should help with installation errors for many of the users. Swype reminds us this collects keyboard data only and nothing personal.
Again, head over to the Swype Beta Page for details and download instructions.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Best apps to help you study

No matter what grade you’re going in to, you’re going to have to hit the books to do well. While many may think that smartphones and tablets are just good for distracting you from your work, there are plenty of apps which can help you study and keep track of your education.
Most of these apps will be available on all the major smartphone platforms but we’ll point out which ones are just available on certain smartphone platforms.

1. Amazon Kindle

Best apps for studying
The Amazon Kindle app is the most flexible e-reading service out there because it’s filled with millions of books (including a large selection of text books) and it can work on nearly any computer, smartphone or tablet. The pricing for the books are generally quite reasonable and the Whispersync technology means that you’ll be able to start reading on your iPhone, pick up on your PC and then be able to resume on your tablet without losing your place. Taking notes is still kind of a pain compared to just scribbling in the margins but it’s definitely still possible.
Things like Kobo, Nook, iBooks, and Google Books also offer neat e-reading experiences but Amazon is still a clear step ahead in terms of selection and flexibility.

2. Evernote

Best apps to help you study
One of the most important things about studying is keeping all of your notes straight and the clear leader in this space is Evernote because it offers a straightforward way to keep all of your multimedia notes archived and to get at these notes no matter what device you’re using. With apps for multiple smartphones, tablets and a robust web app, it’s easy to get started on Evernote.
Beyond texts, photos and videos, Evernote can pretty much take any data you can throw at it, as it also supports location-based note-taking and there’s social networking integration to share with your Facebook and Twitter friends. The free service should be more than enough for most students but you may want to pay the $5 a month (or $45 a year) for the additional storage and more robust mobile functionalities.
Other note-taking apps include Microsoft’s OneNote, Apple’s reminders with iCloud and Google Docs can also be a free, online way to keep all of your documents and notes in order.

3. Wikipanion

Best apps to help you study
The Internet is a large collection of our collective knowledge and that’s clearly evident with Wikipedia. The Wikipanion app for iOS is a great way to get access to the world’s largest dynamic encyclopedia.
Just remember friends, you can’t cite Wikipedia in your papers at most schools but it is a great jumping off point for your research. The Wikipanion app is available on iOS and similar apps can be found on Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

4. myHomework

Best apps to help you study
There are many apps to keep track of your homework but I’m a fan of the myHomework app because I enjoy the layout and I like supporting smaller developers. With this app, you can schedule times to do your homework, set up when assignments are due, block off time for classes and even receive push notifications. The app will also sync with an online service to make sure you can stay organized no matter what device you’re trying to do your homework on.
The myHomework app is free and it’s available on the iPhone and Android.

5. Words with Friends

Best apps to help you study
I know that suggesting a game may not seem like the best move if you’re trying to study but the simple fact is that your mind needs a little break and playing a game like Words with Friends is a great way to keep entertained while still learning. This Scrabble-like game will soon have you learning and using words that you didn’t even know existed and the cool thing about this asynchronous gameplay is that you can take your time on your turns without having to have your opponents on at the same time. It’s available on most of the major smartphone platforms and it even came to Facebook, so feel free to take a break. You deserve it.
[Photo Credit: MC Quinn][Via : IntoMobile]

Monday, August 22, 2011

Samsung Mobile Releases Official Unpacked IFA App

If for some reason you’re just going crazy over Samsung Mobile Unpacked set to take place in just under a couple of short weeks, Samsung’s got more goods for you. If you’re planning on attending IFA and Samsung Mobile Unpacked, there’s an app for you. And even if you aren’t, this app’s for you. It’s the official Unpacked app and it well help you stay up to date on everything Samsung announces and shows at the conference.
For those attending, an event map and schedule will come in handy. And for everyone else, you’ll get new product updates, press releases and a live stream of the event right on your Android handset. A free download so take care of that in the Android market and be on the lookout for an update on September 1st (the day everything is set to be “unpacked”).