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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dell Streak 5 receives official Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM

Dell might have stopped selling the Dell Streak 5 in the US, never mind the fact that this little puppy has been cleared for use at the Pentagon, but that does not mean the Texas-based computer manufacturer has stopped all forms of support for the Streak 5. In fact, Dell has just rolled out the official Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM for said device. If you are one of the few folks out there who own a Dell Streak 5, just head on to the link here and begin the 155MB .pkg file download. Having said that, I would recommend your device is plugged in to a power source, or has full battery capacity, while you perform the download over a Wi-Fi connection.
Also, do remember to make a backup of your device and all the information inside as you can never tell just when something might go wrong. Installation should be a fast and painless effort, assuming you have the right stock recovery version installed (version 350). Those who have already made the update, how do you find your Gingerbread experience compared to Froyo?

Monday, December 19, 2011

HTC Desire S getting Android 2.3.5, Sense 3.0 update in India

HTC has started rolling out much awaited Android 2.3.5 update for Desire S users in India. This update also brings the Sense 3.0 UI to Desire S. It is available OTA, so you will soon get a notification on your device to download and install the update.
If you have HTC Desire S, you can go to Settings>> About Phone>> Software Update to check the update manually. Although announced on December 15 by HTC India on its official Facebook page, users have started getting it today only.
Update build number – 2.15.720.3
Do let us know about your experience after the update in the comments.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vizio 8″ VTAB Gingerbread tablet just $159 today only

In the usual fashion today we have another excellent deal for an Android tablet to share with our readers. We don’t have Honeycomb on board but this tablet still has plenty going for it. Today Woot is offering the Vizio 8″ VTAB Gingerbread tablet for a mere $159 complete with a folio case and just $5.00 shipping. That is over $170 less than retail although the unit does come refurbished.

The VTAB rocks an 8″ display, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 1 GHz processor with 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, micro-SD support and HDMI-out for those in need. It also has a full suite of applications catering around their smart TV’s and functions as a remote control at the same time. Again this may not be the biggest or the best but at that price it’s a great way to get into a decent Android tablet. If you ask me I think this is a pretty awesome holiday gift — especially at that price. Head down to Woot and get one today.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Huawei releases another version of Ideos X5 Gingerbread update

Remember we reported a few days back that Huawei has released the beta version of Ideos X5 Gingerbread update, which was later removed. Well, company has released yet another version of the same update today dubbed as Beta 2.
This update can be downloaded from Huawei’s official website right now and applied easily.
There is still no change-log available, but this update should include the generic Gingerbread functions like improved copy/paste, battery performance, new download manager app, and UI improvements.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

T-Mobile G2x Gingerbread OTA Update Resumes

After a not-so-smooth attempt at rolling out Android 2.3 Gingerbread for T-Mobile G2X users, experience-breaking bugs ran rampant throughout users’ phones prompting T-Mobile and LG to suspend updates. It took quite a while for them to get things ironed out, actually, as I almost forgot that the T-Mobile G2x even exists. In any case, the Gingerbread rollout is back on for those who are sick of frozen treats. Alongside Gingerbread, you’re also apparently getting improved battery life for your troubles. Yay! Get to the link ahead for the full instructions from LG. [LG via Droid Dog]

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Motorola finally gives Gingerbread to European Milestone 2 owners

It’s been 347 days since the source code for Android 2.3 Gingerbread became available. And it’ll be just one more before Milestone 2 (the international version of the Motorola DROID 2) owners in Europe get their hands on an official Gingerbread update. Motorola confirmed the upcoming rollout on the company’s Facebook page. The staged update will be sent over the air.

348 days is a long time – practically an eternity in the mobile world. It’s time enough for a third model of the DROID hardware to be developed and released, with Gingerbread not insignificantly baked right in. It’s nearly time four a fourth model to appear, at least in the United States. It’s also time enough for Google to release not one, but two major version updates of Android, the second of which has already been made available in open-source form. Yup, long time. Just for a little perspective, US DROID 2 owners got the update in September, again, well after the DROID 3 was being sold.
Still, I suppose one should count his blessings. After confirming the update on Facebook, the representative was asked when the Motorola DEFY would get its Gingerbread update. It won’t. I don’t wish to name names, but this would be a good time to inform you of the many aftermarket (read: rooted) update options for just about any popular Android device. Users care about their machines, even when manufacturers don’t care about their users. Not that I’m calling anyone out in particular.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kyobo eReader launches in South Korea with mirasol and Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Image by juhansonin via Flickr
Kyobo Book Centre has unveiled the world’s first eReader based on the new mirasol display technology by Qualcomm. This color e-paper display technology will allow for an enhanced reading experience as well as offer bright colors for pictures and video and exceptional battery life. The Kyobo eReader with mirasol is on sale starting today in South Korea and will initially be targeted at education customers.

We’ve mentioned the mirasol display before, Qualcomm’s new technology that aims to change the display markets while offering a technology that promises exceptional color, video-capable e-paper eReaders with amazing battery life. For more information head to or watch their innovation video here. Essentially using mirrors to reflect light back and control the color at the same time it offers an extremely efficient technology that will work great indoors, and look even better in direct sunlight. Basically a front lit technology rather than conventional backlight displays that are power hungry and become washed out with brightness from the sun or other sources while being used.
The Kyobo eReader will be using the newest mirasol 5.7″ panel with a 1024 x 768 resolution, a 1.0 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and running atop Android 2.3 Gingerbread with what we are hearing will be a locked down and custom UI — although I’m sure the Android hacking world will get on that right away.
Kyobo, Korea’s largest bookseller — will offer 90,000 ebooks for the mirasol eReader, as well as video education content and many other educational options, integration with social networking services and English text-to-speech support. With magazines for the down-time between study classes and possibly 3 weeks of battery life this will be one interesting eReader. The Kyobo eReader is available today starting at $310 USD in South Korea but we have no details on when or if it will see any other markets. Most likely we’ll be seeing more from Qualcomm and their mirasol technology at CES 2012.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G Gets Gingerbread Update

Samsung Galaxy S 4G owners on T-Mobile have been waiting quite a while for the Gingerbread update that was promised by T-Mobile and it’s finally here. Unfortunately the update must be applied OTW (over-the-wire) via Kies Mini on a PC. Unfortunately T-Mobile doesn’t list whether or not the upgrade will be able to be applied in-store, but it couldn’t hurt to call your local store and ask. Take a look at the list below for the changes you can expect and find full instructions and download links at the T-Mobile’s support site.
Devices upgrading to T959VUVKJ6 will benefit from:

Note: The upgrade to KJ6 is NOT required. You may opt out of the upgrade and continue using software version T959VUVKD1.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

LG Announces Optimus 3D Enhanced Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update

We just received an email from LG confirming the previously leaked Android 2.3 Gingerbread update will officially be arriving on the glasses-free Optimus 3D during the week of November 21st. Rollout will start in Europe and then followed by the rest of the world up until the end of the year.
This isn’t your normal Android update either. LG is calling it an “enhanced” update, adding more than just a bigger firmware number and/or bugfixes. You can look forward to faster 21Mbps HSDPA+ data speeds, new 3D video editor app, improved 2D video stabilization and video recording, plus an updated user interface. You can read the full press release below.
Latest Upgrade Empowers Users with Powerful 3D and Multimedia Options
SEOUL, Nov. 15, 2011 - The enhanced Android 2.3 Gingerbread upgrade developed for LG Optimus 3D will include new and improved features such as enhanced network speed, better 3D experience and improved multimedia functions.
LG’s customized Gingerbread upgrade for Optimus 3D will not only include improvements from Google such as enhanced power management, advanced copy/paste and user interface (UI) improvements, but also enhancements from LG, such as:
Enhanced HSPA+ Speed via Faster Packet Data Services – Internet browsing and real-time streaming have become smoother and more seamless with up to 21Mbps HSDPA;
Enriched 3D Experience with 3D Video Editor and Full-screen UI Preview – With 3D Video Editor, users will be able to easily create and edit 2D as well as 3D movies on their Optimus 3D. The preview screen has become wider with a transparent UI, enabling users to capture better quality 3D content;
Improved Multimedia with 2D Video Stabilization and Faster Gallery Activation – Optimus 3D owners will now be able to record high quality video in 2D mode with the video stabilization feature, previously only available in 3D mode. Gallery loading time has also been reduced.
"These enhanced features included in our customized Android 2.3 upgrade will allow users to further integrate 3D into their everyday lives, as we make the technology more accessible and enjoyable on smartphones," said Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. "We believe that 3D is here to stay and glasses-free 3D on portable devices is to experience the future."
The upgrade will also include additional features such as improved video recording and longer MP3 playback time. The upgrade will be available starting in Europe from the Open model in the week of November 21, followed by other markets until the end of the year.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sprint Starts Epic 4G Gingerbread OTA: Have You Got Yours?

Hey there Samsung EPIC 4G owners, have you been craving an over the air update? As luck would have it, Sprint just announced they’ll begin sending Android 2.3 out to Epic 4G owners starting today. It should automatically start downloading and installation should take only a few minutes.
Here is what Sprint had to say about the benefits of the Android 2.3:
The software upgrades Samsung Epic 4G to Android 2.3, Gingerbread. This version of the Android software improves download management through the Downloads application offering easy access to any file downloaded from the browser, email or another application. It also fixes the devices ability to stream media through certain applications for the device. This maintenance release will also improve the user experience by improving Bluetooth® headset sound quality and addressing minor issues with the lock screen date and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync® HTML tagging.
Folks on our Epic 4G Forums have been asking for Gingerbread for awhile and a few users are reporting they’ve received the update: have you got yours?
If so, you can now begin craving Ice Cream Sandwiches. If not, you’re still officially two desserts behind.
[Android Forums via Sprint]

Monday, November 7, 2011

HTC releases Desire Gingerbread kernel source code

Good news for anyone involved with tinkering around with software for the venerable HTC Desire. In accordance with open source rules, HTC has just released the kernel source code for the device's Gingerbread update, which was offered as an optional RUU for GSM Desires back in August. The move follows the release of a slew of other source code for more recent devices over the weekend, and should help out anyone involved with the lively Desire custom ROM scene.

Remember, as ever, that this code is for developers only, and won't be of much use to the average user (or even the average ROM flasher).

Source: HTCDev

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Verizon rolls out Gingerbread OTA update for the LG Revolution

The LG Revolution hit Verizon back in May, and contrary to the manufacturer’s suggestion, life was not good for Android fans eager for a taste of Gingerbread. Verizon is now pushing out the Android 2.3 update across its network with the standard upgrades and bug fixes. For the record, the Revolution is getting the update a mere 10 months after the Gingerbread source code was released, and five months after it hit the market with Froyo.

According to Verizon’s update page, additions to the standard featureset include a reworked text selection system, proper HDMI support and an Airplane Mode free of bugs. More under-the-hood fixes like email folder display, better attachment support, SIM card messages, and a SIM card security alert. The software is version VS910ZV7, and you can either wait for the staggered rollout message to appear or initiate a manual update via the Settings menu.
You might want to hold off on that, however. Verizon’s software updates have had a nasty habit of backfiring as of late, as in the HTC ThunderBolt and DROID BIONIC. In the case of the former, a critical bugged caused the carrier to pull the Gingerbread update just days after releasing it months late. Those desperate for Gingerbread can take their chances, of course, but caution might be in order for a week or so. Of course, you could always go rogue and root your phone for some nice custom ROM action, via CyanogenMod 7 or others.

LG Optimus series Android 2.3 updates rolling out now

If you are a user of the LG Optimus series of smartphones the Android Gingerbread 2.3 update is ready to head your way right now in Europe. There are several models in the Optimus range and the models will get the update in a staggered launch. According to the LG Facebook page, the first to get the update will be the Optimus 2X.

The 2X should be getting the update as of November 1, which is today. The Optimus 3D will get the update starting on November 21. After that update, the Optimus Black will get the nod starting on November 28. After the rollouts are made in Europe, Android 2.3 will come to the device globally according to LG. LG notes that the exact timing of the launch globally will vary with each market.
There are some commenting on the Facebook post saying that the update for the 2X isn’t available OTA or via the updater right now. I can only image the riot that Optimus owners will start if the 2.3 update turns out to be flawed and slow after waiting this long to get Gingerbread. LG recently announced that the 2X would not get an upgrade to Android 4.0 so this Gingerbread update may be the last some LG owners see.

Monday, October 31, 2011

HTC Desire S Gets Android 2.3.5, Sense 3.0

Heads up, citizens of the UK. The HTC Desire S is receiving its update to Android 2.3.5. The biggest change with the update involves HTC’s custom user interface, where it has been updated to Sense 3.0. This brings about new lockscreen elements, a refreshed notifications pull-down, and other goodies. The update has been arriving for owners of the unbranded Desire S as well as those with the phone on-contract through Vodafone, Orange, and O2.
[via EuroDroid]

Saturday, October 29, 2011

HTC Releases Thunderbolt Gingerbread kernel source code

Well folks, time to let the good times roll and the custom ROMs flow. HTC has recently released the full kernel source code for the HTC Thunderbolt, although this isn’t for Froyo, no, this is for the recently released Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Now all of the hackers and tinkerers that make our custom ROM’s can get to work on the Gingerbread aspects of things. Good news for Thunderbolt users indeed.

Shown in the image below the source has finally been released and is available for download, coming in at just 89MB it shouldn’t take too long and we can expect developers are already knee deep in code. While this isn’t a big deal for the average consumer, all the users that make custom ROM’s or overclocking kernels and all those other things we love to mess with on Android, the source code is a big part of that. HTC hasn’t been the fastest to release in the recent past but we are glad to see this Gingerbread build arrive so quickly after the OTA (although the OTA did take forever.)

 Give all those developers and ROM makers a few days to sift through the kernel source code and I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of good things come out of XDA and RootzWiki soon be ready for some flashing.
HTCdev files

LG Revolution Android 2.3 Update on the way

We heard a little chatter regarding the 2.3 Gingerbread update for the 4G LTE packing LG Revolution this week and now the official details have been revealed. If you’ve been waiting for some Gingerbread treats you are in luck because Verizon is all set to push the OTA to your Revo and have just released the update documents today.

The changelog is pretty small and actually doesn’t reveal much except for a few bug fixes. We don’t really need a breakdown of what to expect from Gingerbread as we should all be well aware by now. A new download manager, copy/paste improvements, better browser performance and the usual user interface changes that came with Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

The support documents do specifically mention a few details regarding emails showing in the correct order, attachment size fixes as well as some improvements to the overall HDMI-out experience. The Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the LG Revolution appears to be around 87.8MB in size and should start hitting devices any time now and be done within a week. As usual feel free to manually check for updates through settings > about phone > check for updates.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gingerbread OTA Update For The HTC Thunderbolt Rolling Out Again

I know there are more than a few T-Bolt users upset with HTC and Verizon after releasing the Gingerbread (2.11.605.3) update for the device and then promptly yanking it after a major security flaw was found. It’s been a long time coming but a new version is currently making the rounds (2.11.605.5) with “improved security features that reduce device vulnerability.” The update should be rolling out to Thunderbolt users in the coming days so be on the look out for it. Now might be a good time to manually check for a system update but I’m sure you already knew that.
[Via Droid-Life]

Motorola DROID 2 Global new 2.3 Gingerbread update rolling out now

It’s that time again and those of you rocking the Motorola DROID 2 should have an update hitting your device sometime over the next few days. To start, we’ve heard and seen plenty about the 2.3 Gingerbread update for the DROID 2 Global and after more than a few soak tests and trial updates from as far back as June, today it’s officially rolling out again and should be smooth and ready to rock.

Verizon started the rollout back in September but users experienced a slew of issues and problems and the update was quickly pulled. It has has received a full overhaul and hopefully things will be smoother and easier this time around. The updated info was leaked earlier this month but we now have full details below.

Just like all the recent Motorola 2.3 Gingerbread updates we have a refreshed UI and everything that comes along with Gingerbread. Such as a new user interface, download manager, improved copy/paste, browser stability and speed enhancements and more. Specific to Motorola they’ve fixed some stability and reboot problems, bluetooth connection issues and a slew of small bugs that were affecting some users of the Droid 2 Global. Users should see increased stability and speed, improved battery life and a few pre-loaded new applications such as Google Books, Amazon MP3, Blockbuster, Flash 10.2 and a few others.
Feel free to take the over the air update once it hits your device, or as always you can update manually by going to settings > about phone > and check for updates to pull it down now and enjoy the tasty Gingerbread as soon as possible. Please feel free to drop us comments below if you have any issues as we’d love to hear your thoughts. Full update documents are available in the gallery below.
Motorola-Droid-2-Global-to-receive-Gingerbread-update D2 globl 1 D2 global 2

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

HTC: ThunderBolt Gingerbread update expected to be returning "soon"

Wondering where your Gingerbread update is, HTC ThunderBolt owners? We don't blame you after your long-awaited, oft-rumored helping of Android 2.3 was unceremoniously yanked due to a voicemail bug. The good news is that — barring any last-minute issues — the update is finally nearing release. When asked about the TBolt's Gingerbread update on Twitter, HTC responded that it expects the new software to be "available soon."
So just how soon is soon? That much is still a bit of a mystery. Ask just about any tech fan what he or she thinks about the word "soon" and you'll probably get an angry, rant-filled response due to the fact that it's a seemingly-promising-but-ultimately-vague word whose definition changes depending on who you are. That said, I'm sure HTC and Verizon are eager to get the ThunderBolt's Gingerbread update out the door ASAP, so when HTC says that it's coming "soon," I'd wager that the company means it. We'll let you know more when we do, TBolters.

Via Android Central, @HTC

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Official DROID 2 Global Gingerbread update is coming soon

Good news, DROID 2 Global Edition users, your long-awaited Gingerbread update is right around the corner. Verizon updated its support page today, announcing that the newest system update would bring Android 2.3 to the popular handset. The page doesn’t give an exact date, but Verizon usually doesn’t wait more than a week after an official update guide to begin rolling out the software.

The Motorola DROID 2 Global was originally set to get a taste of Gingerbread last month,  but some last-minute issues forced a retraction. According to Verizon’s documentation, the new software version will bring new features like improved power management, keyboard detection, a revised user interface, new encryption and VPN options and an improved calendar. Speaking of calendars, it’s only been 11 months since Gingerbread was available to manufacturers – and we’re expecting an official announcement for Android Ice Cream Sandwich any day now.
Other improvements highlighted by Verizon include better email syncing, more stability (i.e. fewer device crashes), improved Bluetooth power and volume management, better WiFi power management and new versions of Google Books, Accuweather, the Amazon MP3 store, Blockbuster (woo), and Flash. The software update isn’t available just yet, but keep checking the OTA update in the settings menu – you never know when the staggered rollout will begin. If you’re the warranty-voiding adventurous type, don’t forget that leaks of the update have been available for some time.